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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of working with the RCMU?

When you request the services of the RCMU you will receive:

  • Consultation on UNC-Chapel Hill research services and resources
  • UNC-trained research staff with oversight provided to ensure quality and meet study goals
  • Ability to engage research staff without burdens of posting jobs, hiring, and managing employees
What are the RCMU staff members’ qualifications?

Each RCMU staff member has:

  • The capability to manage and coordinate research projects in various therapeutic areas
  • Specialized training in obtaining informed consent
  • Documented competency in Human Subjects Protections and Good Clinical Practice
  • Appropriate training to conduct studies in the CTRC
  • Training to perform phlebotomy and specimen processing for research
How will RCMU staff be trained to conduct my study?

Each RCMU staff member is trained in coordinating research projects and executing research best practices.

Prior to beginning work on your study, the assigned RCMU staff member will review provided study-related documents and complete required study-specific training to ensure quality and consistency in data collection.

What if the required work on my study takes more or less time than I initially thought?

The RCMU bills for work completed at an hourly rate. When you agree to work with the RCMU, you are only billed for hours worked on your project.

What if I want one specific staff member to work on my study?

We assign staff members to work on projects based on their availability, knowledge, and skills.

Will working with the RCMU save my project money?

When working with the RCMU, you will only pay for hours worked directly on your research projects.  RCMU staff can begin work on your project quickly, as opposed to the time required to onboard your staff directly, which can easily take months.

Not only will you save the money that would be spent to support your staff during onboarding and training, but you can start to enroll participants in your projects quicker than when hiring new employees — making your site more competitive and your research execution more effective.

How do I submit a request?

Initiate your request by completing the brief intake form.

Contact us at with any questions.

Submit a request for services

Initiate your request by completing a brief intake form.

The value added in terms of regulatory compliance, and operational efficiency (onboarding new staff, developing study processes) was phenomenal. It really advanced our science!

— RCMU customer